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I am determined!

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."
- Martha Washington

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Are you a winner??

To be a winner you need to love what you do. Many billionaires (Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet) continue working even though they have made more money than they could ever spend. They do this because they are inspired by what they do.  Winners are not tapped in the past. They move on. They look for new opportunities, new successes. At the same time, they realize that always living in the future can slow us down as much as always looking behind. The unsuccessful are often too focused on what is ahead and never seem content. The successful understand that what is going on now is just as important as what they are planning for the future.  Determination is a powerful habit. Winners never give up. Winners surround themselves with good people and learn from them. Just look at the example left by a number of famous people. Many, from George Harrison to Hillary Clinton, crawled up the ladder of success on the back of someone else.  I love what I do, I keep on keeping on and I'm determined, therefore I am a winner!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Extend Your Reach

What does it mean to be rich?  How does one live a richer life?

The word Rich comes from the root word for reach.

You are rich when you reach out and expand any dimension of your life, which is accomplished by expanding your comfort zone.  The following provides a 9 point plan for getting richer right now.

The first type of reaching out is a personal one.  You become richer when you reach beyond your intellectual abilities, by reading great books, by engaging in stimulating conversations and by challenging conventional wisdom.

The second type of reaching out is physical.  When you expand your physical energy, challenge your physical limits and improve your ability to perform, you are reaching out and living a richer life.  The blessings and joys of a rich, healthy life can be yours when you choose to make them priorities in your life.

The third type of reaching out is recreational.  When you spend time in joyful pursuits you are enjoying the riches of life.  When you take good care of yourself allowing  for rest, renewal and relaxation without feeling guilty,you are ensuring the greatest return on your current and future performance.

The fourth type of reaching out is family.  When you spend time strengthening, clarifying and enhancing your relationships with your spouse, children, siblings and parents, you're becoming richer and living a more satisfying life.  Family is the emotional core of our lives.  Every deposit into your family's emotional bank account is a deposit into emotional prosperity.

The fifth type of reaching out is friendship.  When you reach out by focusing on relationships with new and old friends you are enjoying a fulfilling life.  You are rich when surrounded by people you love, trust, and with whom you care for deeply.

The sixth type of reaching out is community.  The definition of a life well lived rests on a commitment of service to others.  You are reaching out and expanding your social conscience-nous when you change the driving question from how can I be successful? to what can I contribute that will significantly impact the mission, the performance and the overall results of the institution or the community where I serve.  Focus on how you can  contribute, how you can give back.  That is how you automatically become richer!

The seventh type of reaching out is career.  When you make the decision to commit your life to excellence, to every increasing accomplishments at every increasing levels of skill and mastery, you are reaching out.  As a result, your reputation is enriched, your options become more abundant and your rewards become far more fruitful.  By continually raising the bar you ensure greatness and improve your chances of getting rich financially.

The eighth type of reaching out is financial.  Money, without a doubt is the reward you receive for the service you render.  The more value your offer, the greater will be your reward.  When you begin thinking of ways you can be of greater service to your customers, and yourself, you will not only begin to earn more money, but will also enable you to grow more intellectually and spiritually.  A focus on value creation is the hallmark of success and the gateway to financial prosperity.  You must also be mindful that money is not the first priority in happy people's lives.  Health, relationships with family and friends, career satisfaction and spiritual growth are all far more important.

The ninth type of reaching out is spiritual.  While there is plenty of talk of financial net worth, the truth is your spiritual net worth carries far more cloud.  Faith is spiritual capital.  The absence of faith is spiritual bankruptcy.  You are expanding your reach when you practice forgiveness, gratitude, obedience and benevolence.  You are rewarded with peace of mind, unbreakable faith and a deeper richer spiritual life that is far more valuable than rubies, diamonds or pearls.  When you expand your comfort zone of what is possible, you are reaching out and living a fuller, richer, more prosperous life.

Do you want to get rich right now?

Challenge yourself throughout the day to reach out, to expand your limits, to passionately pursue your goals and dreams, because the rewards WILL follow!

Gary Ryan Blair